Location : Aek Godang primary street, Batu Nanggar Village, Batang Onang Sub-district, North Padang Lawas Districts, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia.



In our four days three nights in Barumun Nagari you will be given a Safari Jeep tour and also conduct some unforgetable activities with the elephants. We let you know how we feed the elephants, take care the elephants. Your wonderful night at Barumun Nagari will give you the chance to enjoy the sound of wild animals and the beauty of nature under a star-filled sky.

The Schedule:
– Day One Arrive by car in the morning at 8.30 am or Pick up from Aek Godang Airport, and Safari tour in BNWS
– Day Two Walking with elephants and Feeding elephants
– Day Three Take corn from the village for elephants, bring back elephants from the forest and Feeding elephants
– Day Four Depart from Barumun Nagari to Aek Godang Airport or by car at noon

What’s included on the trip: Breakfast, Lunches, Dinner, Coffee breaks, transport to and from Mega Permata Hotel or Aek Godang Airport, and a Barumun Nagari handycraft bag.

Things you might want to prepare: Sunblock, Cap, Mosquito Repellent, Jacket / Long Sleeve Shirt, Rain Coat, Outdoor Shoes, Camera, Extra shirt or pants (in case of going into the water)